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Winter Sunlight

Light on the Track

Light on the Track


After the rain, midday sunshine breaks through to illuminate the puddles on the old track to Dunstall.

© 2017 Peter Young


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October Sunrise

Sunrise 2
To see the sunrise be prepared
To get up early, wear warm clothes;
Be sure to bring good walking boots.

To go this way and tread this path,
Bear in mind the going’s rough,
Uneven, stony, all uphill,
The track itself is nothing much,

A steady climb on jumbled stones.
A flock of sheep already up.
A tunnel through the trees – the home
Of badgers, rabbits, and flapping crows.

Ebrington TrackAt every twist, you see your gaffe:
The summit still seems far above,
The track deceived you one more time.
Keep going now, you can’t turn back.

At last this hill’s wide brow appears
But now a dirty trick is played:
The path is gated: you must turn right
Along the contour, not the slope.

Take care: a wide brown puddle spreads
From hedge to hedge; your patterned prints
Are adding texture to the mud.

TelecomsNow turn again – the final stretch,
Straight to the summit, crowned it is
With three communications masts,
So silent in the tingling air,

A place to stop, to rest and see
The rising sun is peeping through
The Eastern cloudbank duvet-like
That covers slumbering Oxfordshire.

While nearer blow thin wisps of cloud
Like candyfloss set loose to fly.
The molten morning follows suit,
The blazing sun warms up the sky.

Sunrise 1© 2016 Peter Young

This walk starts at the carpark at Hidcote, and follows the track shown in the previous entry.

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