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Seven C’s of Croome

A varied week in photography at Croome, which I have illustrated by seven subjects that begin with the letter C.

Capability Brown

Brown at workThe very popular Brown at Work site seen from the second floor of Croome Court on Wednesday.

CornCorncobThe maize is growing well in the walled garden.


Cake 70thA private function celebrating a 70th birthday last Sunday.

Colourful StairsColourful StairsOn Thursday I led a photography outing for Pershore U3A Photography Group, and took them to the Red Wing where the colours and flaking paint were a great delight. (I took the view from the top of the stairs on 9th June.)


On Friday, I was in the RAF Canteen, taking photos for the Croome Website.

Cucumber WaterCucumber WaterSlices of cucumber add a delicious flavour to water awaiting the thirsty visitor.

ChocolateHot ChocolateFor those who prefer a hot drink, chocolate with latte art is available.

© 2016 Peter Young


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The Village

Mess Room Conduits

It’s all about connection – to places, but more importantly, to people. Although we might believe we are connected to everyone else on the planet in six degrees, what matters more are the actual links we have to the people we meet face-to-face on a fairly frequent basis. These people – and the measure is not any fantasy figure associated with social media ‘friends’ – are numbered more in the scores or the low hundreds. And these people, become our ‘village’. And being a village, we take our place in the grand scheme of things. We take on a role, engage in work that promotes the whole and make friends. This is not a passive thing – we have to be actively involved in the ongoing growth of this community. And the more we contribute, the more we gain respect and are honoured by the others.

My current village is the National Trust property of Croome. I became a Volunteer at Croome over a year ago, so I’m very much a newcomer. Yesterday we had a celebration for the Volunteers: one purpose was to acknowledge those with long-service awards. Another was to announce the results of a photographic competition, run during the Festivol month of June. The photo at the top of this entry was chosen as a winner in the Close Encounter category (photos of something up close at Croome whether the landscape, house or a detail onsite). So my thanks go out to all those at Croome who have supported my photography over the last year.

The picture shows various water pipes, electrical conduits and junction boxes in the Volunteers’ Mess in the basement of Croome Court. Many wouldn’t give this a second glance; it’s just a part of the unnoticed scenery. But in its ‘symbolic’ position over the door, it reminds us of the connections we are yet to make each time we go out to encounter the public whom we are making welcome in our village.

© 2016 Peter Young


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