Le Puy Roundabout 110907 1In a society that rewards results, not processes, why are you making this journey?
Is your story so special, so unique, that it warrants this glorious, trivial diversion?
Do you see yourself as hero, with the rest of humanity serving as extras in your epic?
Or do you see the track merely representing the daily struggle of simply moving forward?
Most of your pilgrimage will be forgotten,
But it will leave indelible scars in your soul.
Greetings, stranger, the worn track welcomes fresh feet.
But do not yearn for the arrival, because that will not let you rest in peace.


© 2016 Peter Young
Route to Santiago 120324 1
The statue of Saint Jacques is on the chemin where it crosses the D906 after leaving Le Puy-en-Velay (43 Haute-Loire).
The sign indicating the distance to Santiago are on the D-135 at Roncesvalles as the camino enters Spain after leaving France at St Jean Pied de Port.



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One response to “Pilgrim

  1. jan wortley

    Hope the pilgrimage goes well.
    I will take your piece to the group next time. Very good.


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