The Other Side of The Trek

Each day I set a goal, and that involves some planning because it’s important that I achieve it. I let people know where and when to expect me because that’s not only common decency, it’s a safety factor.
You go bounding off like a dog let off the leash. I often have no idea where you are and I worry in case of accident happens.
I like to keep moving, enjoying a steady pace.
You keep on stopping to admire the scenery, or you’ve stopped to look at a flower you’ve spotted in the hedgerow. Or, worst of all, you’re fiddling about taking a photograph. Or several.
I like to keep to the designated path. It’s being responsible.
You’re more likely to be somewhere else, trespassing on private land, and not abiding by the code of conduct for walkers. It may seem fun for you, but one day there’s going to be trouble.
I’m prepared for all weathers, for whatever might happen. That means keeping my batteries charged, and taking stuff with me, just in case. I’m not overloaded; I can manage what I have.
You just haven’t thought it through what could happen out here away from civilisation. You might twist your ankle, or fall down a ditch and not be able to get help. And if you need something, you’ll go scrounging around until you find it.
I like to acknowledge and greet other walkers. I feel we share something which cannot be put into words, and so there’s no need to be nosey or rude nor get bogged down in irrelevant personal details.
You can’t hold back, telling everyone about your personal life and ambitions. So it’s a really good thing you’re not going to meet these people again,
I know my limits and I know my needs. So if I’m going to be able to keep up the pace tomorrow, I need to have rest times, so that I can feel good if I’m going to enjoy the next stage.
You just don’t care.
© 2016 Peter Young

(It was suggested that the other point of view be expressed in order to achieve some kind of balance with the previous post.)


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  1. So full of contrast.


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