Rockets, your insult to the stars follows yourself back to the earth.

Rabindranath Tagore. Stray Birds #240

Look up from your candyfloss, raise your gaze
The vertical spark trail, the bang, the flash,
See the succession of spherical rays
That flare and diminish and fall to ash.
Remind you of something? Perhaps it might
Hint at existence, your place in the world
That’s here and gone in a flicker of light,
That shone all too briefly as you unfurled
Your plan for the universe, or that fun
For fifteen minutes; you’ve hardly begun
To bring about change, and then it’s all done.
When daylight comes you’ll see what’s left behind
Does not inspire great thoughts, and vow to find
A better way to fill your time and mind.

Puylaroque Chateau d'Eau Firework Cases 130812 1© Peter Young 2015


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