Alcove Sonnet

Grace A Williams: It Has Capability

Grace A Williams: It Has Capability

For many years I lived a life alone,
Was unattached to many worldly goods.
It’s just like entering the darkest woods
And finding all my feelings turn to stone.
Only slowly did I learn to be myself
And build my natural glory and esteem.
It’s never easy swimming ’gainst the stream;
Much easier to stay unnoticed on the shelf.
There came a time when all was changed, and I
Came boldly from my ledge to spread my wings.
To shock the unobservant passer-by,
I loosed these inner feelings with good cause:
To meet with others, share this gift that brings
My overflowing heart to merge with yours.

© 2015 Peter Young

This is my fourth poem inspired by the pieces in the exhibition in the Long Gallery at Croome Court. This piece is by Grace A Williams, and is called It Has Capability.

Long Gallery

Long Gallery




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2 responses to “Alcove Sonnet

  1. Reblogged this on Polly at Croome and commented:
    Peter’s fourth poem about exhibits in the long gallery at Croome Court.


  2. jan wortley

    Love it,


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