Meeting Point

Camilla Searle, “731 Days”

Camilla Searle, “731 Days”

We met that time – do you remember?
You were wearing that hat,
And I – I was a long way from home.
You must have noticed that.
We talked, we laughed. We bonded
In that brief moment of destiny.
You, in your hat, stood out from the crowd.
And today, you stand out in my memory
Now a long way from your home,
Though I never discovered where that was.
I want to know – because I’m curious –
What happened to you?
Do you still have the hat?
Do you ever wonder what happened to me?
That’s a story I could tell you –
But I’ve yet to explore its deeper meaning.
My life took a turn – it is still turning,
And occasionally I recall our meeting –
The time when … when we met.
A time too short to get to know you –
The real you, or where you lived.
I think I got to know a fragment,
But maybe you were just a mirror
Reflecting my inquisitive world,
Brought to a sharp conclusion.
There was a desire for what was missing
In my life; that did you no favours,
Only gave you the role of hanger for my dreams,
Topped off by a hat.
Even so, you smiled. Your lips
Mirroring the curve of the brim.
An image that has travelled with me,
Your face never growing older,
But softer focus with each passing year.
Burnt into my soul with my regrets, my questions:
Where are you now, girl in the hat?

Camilla Searle, “731 Days” – detail

Camilla Searle, “731 Days” – detail

© 2015 Peter Young

This is the third piece inspired by the works currently being exhibited in the Long Gallery at Croome Court, Worcestershire.
This piece is by Camilla Searle, entitled “731 Days”


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  1. Reblogged this on Polly at Croome and commented:
    A poem by Peter Young celebrating ‘731 Days’ by Camilla Searle, on display in the long gallery at Croome Court


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