Let Me See Your Eyes

(Mischievous) Pillars by Katie Hayward

(Mischievous) Pillars by Katie Hayward

Let me see your eyes, your shining soul
That I may know you deeply.
I wish to penetrate
Past paradox, conflicting messages,
And movement going nowhere.
Your wants unmet do not obscure
The deeper need.
Your fingers search, scream silently,
But your crossed legs negate action.
Completeness is denied,
For what you seek cannot be found
Inhabiting the space you scratch,
Nor in the people passing by,
But deep in your evolving past
In that Rosebud moment,
When you first knew loss
Yet thereafter would deny it.

You were lost in the dreams of childhood
In the volumes of fading memories
Stacked and ranged untidily
Along the bookshelves of experience.
You forgot the code, mislaid the catalogue
That lets you revisit that key moment –
For it was never labeled such
And so eludes you. Keep looking.
Find your eyes and let them revel
In that reinvented country of your mind,
Having adventures, glimpsing revelations.
Let your fingers lightly brush
The sensitivity of your secret growth.
Uncross those crossings out,
Those ideals foregone.
Open your body, let yourself in
To the majesty of life, to touch once more
Your pain, your aim, your love.

© 2015 Peter Young

The photograph shows “(Mischievous) Pillars” by Katie Hayward, currently on display in the Long Gallery at Croome Court in Worcestershire.


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  1. Reblogged this on Polly at Croome and commented:
    Celebrating an artwork in the long gallery at Croome Court. Do go along and see it when you can – she’s called ‘Mischievous’ – and I think that covers Peter’s poem too! 😉


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