Welcome to the world
Revolving gaudy mobiles,
Arms waving hello.

A cartoon duvet:
Kitty, Cars or Spiderman
Still rumpled, half off.

A caring mother nurse
Soothes with sweet red medicine,
Curtains drawn, hushed tones.

Under the bedclothes
The torchlit story unfolds
And overcomes death.

Strip back the covers
Youthful enthusiasm
Knows no boundaries.

Sides have been taken.
Pyjama-d cosy sleepers
Snuggle into spoons.

Sunday supplements
Divert to other life-styles,
Crumbs of toast and news.

Retreat from the world
Into a good book. Notepad
Ready, just in case.

Winter’s breath exhaled
A sheet hiding the grey face;
We grieve in silence.

© Peter Young 2015


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One response to “All-Purpose

  1. Aw…interesting, evocative and provocative – I like it.


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