One Year On

It is one year ago that I returned to England having lived in France for the previous seven years.

Le Havre Ferry Terminal

Le Havre Ferry Terminal

A last view of France. Departure at Le Havre, the sun setting just before boarding the ferry to Portsmouth.
It is an insurmountable challenge to write a rhyming poem about France, because the words that rhyme with ‘France’ – advance, askance, enhance, dance and so on – do not really express what I would want to say about ‘la rentrée’.



Generally speaking, English does not have rhymes for French words and Names. I lived in Limogne in the Lot (46). However, there are some French rhymes for Limogne: cigogne (stork), ivrogne (drunkard), and my favourite gigogne, which refers to the quality of ‘nesting’ as in tables, truckle beds and Russian dolls. It would be hard to incorporate these into a ‘sensible’ poem, though a Limerick could work.

   Il était un mec de Limogne
    Qui a passé les jours comme ivrogne …

So rather than go that route, I’ll add some more photographs. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)
I have plenty of memories – they stick to me as do the cushion feathers – and plenty of photographs, and these will appear from time to time in my blog.
In the view of Limogne above, the Mairie is the building with the square tower to the left of the Church. The large building on the right is the Maison des Associations with the Gîte d’étape on the top floor for pilgrims on the Chemin de Compostela – the GR46.

I broke my journey on the drive north in order to visit the Chateau de Chambord, near the town of Blois on the River Loire.

Chambord 140113 2

Chateau de Chambord 2

Chateau de Chambord 2

Chambord 140113 33

Detail of the turrets of Chambord.

Blois 140113 pan 3The Bridge over the Loire at Blois.

Sunrise the next morning, driving past the wind turbines in the flat country just north of Moisy, Loir et Cher (41), on the D924 towards Chateaudun.

Moisy Sunrise 140114 7

© Peter Young 2015


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