Resolution 1

Cigarette packets 141121A

You always said that you were going to give up smoking
but I still see you puffing away,
making excuses that expand and disperse
like the clouds that emanate from your nostrils.
Where’s your willpower. I’ve been using mine
to nag you, nag you, keep on nagging you.
So I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work,
It doesn’t work, us doesn’t work, so what does work?
Burning the cigarettes to the end works, if you’re a smoker
And that’s what you are, a smoker, not some one who gives up.
The cigarettes give you the strength and the courage to keep going
at least for the moment. Until there will come a time
when the last cigarette falls from your lips, ash splashed
on your slightly burned cardigan, which in due course
will also be incinerated, as you will be my dear,
in the fiery furnace of the crematorium.
Your memorial will mention your determination
to defy me, but not your ability to defy nature
which took its course – as I took my course
away from you, to avoid your exhalations
to keep away from your stink, your dusty life
your lack of concern for anything long term
or short-term, come to that, other than your own being,
Which has now gone up in smoke.

Lac de Bannac Dog-end tin 091012A


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