Midwinter Sunlight

Severn Stoke Church Tree 141213 1







Evergreen holly, ivy decorate
Mantelpiece, hallway, door and living-room.
Luminous baubels, shining magically,
Mistletoe kisses, lighted Christmas-trees
Seasonal greetings, written messages,
Colourful cards all wishing pleasantries.
Chestnuts are roasting, hissing, spluttering,
Smouldering yule-log, firelight flickering.

Midwinter sunlight, softly heralding
Ancient beginnings, New Year festivals.
Fluttering snowflakes, winter thistledown
Softening edges, hiding harshnesses.
Cycle completion, past remembering:
What we have been through, learned from, laughed about.
Growing together, distant thoughtfulness:
Have we been loving, caring, comforting?

Now let us wonder: future mysteries,
Prophecies, wishes, hopes, expectancies.
Truth within hindsight, honest seeing what
Might have been, may be, could be, ever be —
Full of potential. Lifetimes traveller:
Where are we heading? Who is guarding us?
What is awaiting? New lives, clarities,
Things always wanted, fortune, happiness.

© Peter Young 2014

I wrote this some years ago, after attending a concert in the Brewhouse in Taunton for a performance by the Hungarian Folk Group Vasmalom. They were on a tour of Britain and had just arrived from Birmingham.
They played a piece of music – I think it was something to do with Christmas – with the rhythm: • – – • – , • – • – – or 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 which they taught us chant using the words Birmingham Taunton, Taunton Birmingham. I thought I would use this same rhythm for writing a poem.


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One response to “Midwinter Sunlight

  1. I like the format and content here, Peter, all fitting for the season – wishing you a most excellent time 🙂


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